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Buddha Statue

The Path to Healing

Unlock Your Inner Calm

It is no secret that the human body is more than what you seen in the exterior. Inside we are a full blown intricate machines that work through electrical impulses delivering messages to the billions of cells that make up our bodies in order to live.
For thousands of years eastern medicine men and women have be working with this energy that our own bodies produce in order to heal and repair the body as it recovers from illness and injury. This is where energetic healing comes into play. By tapping into the mind and the life-force of the body we are able to release the blocks and stagnant energy that creates physical and emotional pain and discomfort.

By   the   practice   of   meditation,   you   will   find   that   you   are   carrying   within   your   heart   a   portable  paradise.

- Paramahansa Yogananda -

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